Financial Managers

Give your customers smarter insights into their finances

The more you understand your customers’ spending habits, the better you can advise them. With Account Information Services (AIS), you can view not only your customers’ transaction information from a single bank account, but also aggregate information from several accounts. Data Enrichment will make your work even easier by automatically recognising merchants, enabling automatic categories and predicting future debits.

Open banking is also creating new and exciting ways for Fintechs to build money management apps, whether for individuals or SMEs. These apps can complement in-person advice by making budgeting recommendations, drawing attention to spending patterns, tracking payments and watching customer cash flow.

Benefits for customers

Sharing account information is simple, fast and secure. Because the process is user-friendly, customers can easily add additional accounts, providing even more insight into their spending patterns and financial status.

Benefits for financial managers

  • Secure, reliable information. YTS uses API-to-API connections to provide you with accurate, authentic and machine-readable information.
  • Better understand your customers. AIS information allows you to look back over longer periods of time and over multiple accounts, making it easier to spot patterns and make predictions.
  • Smart categorisation. Enriched AIS data is even more powerful, saving you time and effort on merchant identification, transaction categorisation and financial forecasting.

What YTS can do for financial managers

Through our powerful API, YTS offers fast, secure connections for account information aggregation. Our data enrichment models save you time and effort. To provide the security and reliability you need, we built our API with bank-level security and the technology to scale with our clients.

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