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Together, Open Banking and PSD2 are changing the financial industry as we know it. Not only are they increasing competition and benefiting consumers, but they’re also opening up the market to innovative new ideas. Account Information Services (AIS) and Data Enrichment are the backbones of these new financial movements, and, together, they can drive your business forward.

What is your business goal? Do you want to help people automate their savings? Help protect financially vulnerable people? Make life easier for enterprising SMEs? Help consumers reduce their carbon footprints? Broker the best deals? Help other businesses make money? Or change the financial world in an entirely new way? Whatever your goals, open banking through YTS brings them within reach.

What YTS can do for innovators

YTS provides you with a single, unified API for both AIS and Payment Initiation Services (PIS). Our data enrichment models facilitate the identification of merchants, sorting transactions into categories automatically, and forecasting future expenses. We built our API with bank-level security and the technology to scale as necessary – so it is as ready for the future as you are.

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