Boost your sales by improving your customer’s path to purchase

Remove uncertainty around your revenue by reducing the time between an order being placed and the money arriving in your account. With Payment Initiation Services (PIS), you can do just that – offering your customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases instantly, from their own bank accounts, all within your e-commerce environment.

PIS transactions are inherently safer than many other online payment systems. Because the PIS API connects directly to the bank, customers don’t have to share sensitive credit card information with a third-party processor, whose security status may be unknown. Not only does this improve customer experience on your site, but can also strengthen your reputation as a trusted and reliable online vendor.

Benefits for customers

PIS integration makes it easier for customers to complete their purchases within a single online environment. They don’t have to switch apps or hop between your site and their online banking. Instead, they get a smooth, seamless shopping experience.

Benefits for vendors

  • Save costs. PIS transactions are much cheaper than credit cards.
  • No settlement window. With other payment options, banks keep your money until the end of the day. PIS avoids this settlement window and completes the bank transaction instantly. This gives you much more certainty that the payment has actually been made.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment. Because completing the payment is so seamless and easy, customers can do it right away – reducing the chances they’ll forget or change their minds.

What YTS can do for vendors
YTS provides you with a fast, secure payment initiation API, so you can give your customers a seamless shopping experience. We built our API with bank-level security and the technology to scale as necessary, ensuring that it can easily handle hundreds of thousands of users and millions of API calls per week.

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