Payment Initiation Services

Strengthen your offering with direct bank-to-bank transfers and seamless online payments for your customers

Payment Initiation Services (PIS) enable your customers to transfer money and make online purchases all from within your environment. This means they no longer have to switch between apps and websites to manage their money while you reduce costs and risk for your business.

Whether you’re a bank expanding your online services or a merchant looking to benefit from seamless payments at a reduced cost, YTS PIS is a valuable addition to your online or mobile environment.

Improve retention and engagement

Your customers can move money in and out of their accounts from your online environment, helping them to manage their finances, avoid fees and work on their goals without ever going to your competitors.

Reduce your default risk

Make it easier for customers to complete their purchases with PIS, paying directly within your e-commerce environment, so you can dispatch the goods more quickly without risk of default.

Save time and money

YTS make, manage and maintain your Open Banking and PSD2 connections, freeing up your developers to grow your business, while PIS payments are fast and cost effective.

Rely on bank-level security

YTS boasts an up-to-date service built to the security standards of a major bank. We are licensed by the Dutch National Bank (DNB) and can be found on the FCA register.

Pricing structure

Whether you’re an established financial institution or an ambitious tech startup, our pricing structure caters to business goals of all sizes and budgets.

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